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BCS vs Playoff

I guess I am a little tired of something that has been debated for the last few years.  I left it at the BCS is here and will never go away.  Then I read an article about why the BCS is better then a playoff.  His most intelligent comment in the article is that college football doesnt need a playoff because it makes the game better.   Then he went on to say what would teams have to play for if their was a playoff.  How about a playoff spot buddy.

Every sport has a playoff and you dont see them all upset that more teams have a shot at winning a NC with a playoff then they do without one.  We have all witnessed lower seeds in the NCAA, college world series, NFL come up roses winning their championships.  Thats right it is okay for an underdog to win a championship even though the BCS will wholeheartedly disagree as they fill their pockets with money.  We settle for championships based on biased coaches for their respective areas, harris interactive press as well, and finally we let computers help spill out who is playing for the NC.

Watching so many meaningless games the last couple weeks while sometimes entertaining really doesnt mean anything.  I am not going to waste my time showing how it is possible but taking conference champions from the major conferences and then adding a set amount wild cards from their you could easily have a 32 or 48 team tournament.  Yes we would be reduced to 10 game schedules which means the fordhams, citadels and toledos may miss out being crushed by some big 12 or sec foe but its not like they were going to win anyway.

This will also equalize recruiting a little more.  Players looking at college will know that they dont have to attend UF,OSU,Oklahoma, Texas,USC etc to see a NC game.  They have a better shot being in a playoff in a meaningful game and would have a shot at a national championship.  Could boise st, Utah, Ball st, Hawaii go through a 4 game playoff to win a championship?  Probably not because they would need more then one miracle to win but then again who knows what happens in that playoff with injuries or facing a certain team that overlooks them.  They would at least be playing for pride in their school. 

Bowl games would not be obsolete as 2 of the big bowls could host the semis followed a week later by the NC game.  Teams who are not in the semi's can be selected by all the rest of bowls.  Teams eliminated early can be selected by the heinken meinke car care bowls to play each other.  They still get their money for their conference and have a chance to finish the season on a winning note.  We would though in the longrun see one team with a winning streak of more then one game and that would be the NC.  I know its complicated but how much money these guys have in play with the BCS they can come up with a formula that would work.  The BCS would be decisive in deciding who that 32nd or 48th team would be.   Championships should be won on the field not through our current process. 

For all you people who like getting their blood pressure up by yelling why their team should be number 1 maybe your just scared what a playoff would show you.  USC fans can scream all day and night after their rose bowl victory they are number 1 because it makes them feel good.  Jan 9th we will have a national champion decided on the field by two teams placed their by the polls.  Yet their still could be 3 or 4 teams who could justify why they deserve to be the champion. 

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Should College players be payed?

I have had this question posed to me several times and my answer has always been no.  I am a college graduate and now I am as a lot of people in debt to pay off a college loan that unless I hit the lottery will never be payed off.  College football players are getting scholarships to attend school and get room and board.  Schools pay sometimes well over a 100,000 for these kids to go to their school and give them a free education.

If a player goes to UF, USC, Texas to name a few and wants to major in business the school coughs up 120,000 and thats without know if that kid will even stay in school.  When a star player turns pro before he even graduates college that money was pretty much wasted. (Yes some players go back to school and finish school but odds are most dont when they are receiving their huge NFL salaries).  Now you want to pay these kids who have free rides a paycheck you have to be kidding me. 

If the league ever went to a playoff system and those kids have to play 2 or 3 extra games who cares.  When i played high school football we played 15 games including the state championship.  That was high school and most teams dont play anymore then 13 in college.  Guess what I didnt go to the coach and ask him if i could get a paycheck because we made the playoffs instead I was excited with the opportunity to win a championship. 

If you go this route then recruiting will get really ugly.  The schools with the big pockets will get all the top recruits and guess what you will be looking at pretty much the same schools year in and out playing for the national championship.  True we see UF, texas, usc, oklahoma, Osu and other teams up there every year but you also see other teams step every year like PSU, Utah, and alabama.   You probably wont see a team win 3 NC's in a row because their is some parity in college football to keep it competitive.  It is a dangerous path to put money into a players pocket who has been basically paid more with his scholarship then I would see in the same 4 year span...

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